Monday, 6 January 2014

January Health and Fitness Challenge

(Image from Fiona)

January, the month where everyone feels a bit full, tired and groggy after December's festivities. The lovely Fiona has decided to help us combat this, and has developed a health and fitness challenge for the month. Each week she will set one nutritional and one fitness goal and we'll blog/tweet with our experiences.

Generally, I'm quite a healthy person. I'm vegetarian, don't eat processed foods very often, drink a lot of water/herbal tea daily, and work out sometimes. BUT, I'm not living the lifestyle that I dream of. I'm lazier than I would like when it comes to fitness and food. I want to be the woman who works out daily, and eats more things that make my body happy. I've not had a goal to work towards for a while, and this year I'm aiming to always have something to aim for. For, we are so much more productive when we have goals and have to be accountable for our actions, are we not?

This week's goals are to work out three times and eat at least 3 healthy vegetarian meals. I've not been to the gym in weeks, so a push to get my trainers back on and into the fitness studios is much appreciated. I've booked myself in for yoga and body pump classes, and I'm aiming to get back out on to the pavements to reignite my running love. The healthy, veggie meals should be easy for me, right? WRONG. Being veggie doesn't automatically mean you always have healthy meals, and over the past few weeks I've had more take aways, chocolates and crisps than I can count, and has left me feeling super sluggish.

I'm excited about seeing how I stick to Fiona's weekly challenges, and also reading about everyone else's experiences over the month!

Have you planned any health and fitness goals for January? What are they?


  1. I'm taking part in janathon where you do something active every day and jantastic where I've set the goal to run three times this week. Good luck with your goals, looking forward to reading about them!

  2. I should be taking up netball again soon - I've been researching clubs in the Glasgow area and a work friend says her friend plays recreationally. :)


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