Thursday, 17 January 2013


Last week on one of the rare dry days which we've been having lately, my mum and I packed ourselves and the puppy into my car and drove up to a lovely little town called Callander. The drive up there is nice and scenic, with views of Stirling Castle and the Wallace monument before you leave the motorway, and then through quaint little villages as you near Callander itself. 

I enjoy going here, as it's only an hour's drive from my house, yet you feel like you're in the highlands it's so pretty and remote. The streets are full of local run shops, little bakeries and pubs and of course the usual Scottish tourist shops! 

We stopped in for a take-away lunch at our favourite bakery Mhor Bread a family run business. Mhor make the most incredible breads and we opted for sundried tomato, onion and cheese tear and share to go with our cauliflower and mustard soup. Unfortunately, I was far too excited about eating it all that I forgot to take pictures, oops!

There's a wee bookshop I always visit when in Callander. It's old, it's musty, the books are stacked from floor to ceiling and they have the most amazing finds. There are always some stunning old editions tucked away, and I never leave empty handed. This time I came away with James Joyce's Dubliners. 

After walking around the loch for a little while, our fingers were absolutely numb so it was time to leave. I think we tired poor Skye out, as she spent the rest of the evening snuggled under the duvet!


  1. Now THAT is a cozy-looking puppy!

  2. It was just today that I was thinking 'when was the last time you seen some countryside Morag?'. I think it was the gardening blogs I'm picking up on haha. But this makes me think I really venture into it some time soon.


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