Friday, 31 January 2014

January Health and Fitness Challenge: Week Four Round Up

I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed having specific goals to work towards. Fiona's January Challenge was the perfect focus for a dark and dreary month and I'm a wee bit sad that it's over! To give me a challenge for February I've just signed myself up for a 30 day yoga challenge which I'll also be blogging about.

Week Four was quite a nice way to finish the month. We were to do an activity that we love, and for me that's yoga. I went to four classes this week, and although I'm still struggling to find an instructor that I like, I am loving practising regularly again.

The food focus for this week was breakfast. YUM. I love breakfast food, but rarely make a decent effort with it as I'm on my own. This week I tried to step it up a bit and had a few variations of porridge, poached eggs and spinach, and my current favourite oatcakes with banana and peanut butter. All super healthy and oh so delicious.

How was your January? Did you stick to your goals?

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  1. I've only exercised twice this week, once at yoga and one track run, and I can really notice a difference! I'm planning a good run tomorrow morning to start the week off right!


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